GBC Motorsports
6th Annual Heartland Challenge Endurance Race


August 16th - 17th, 2013
Carlisle, Iowa
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Overall Scores    Class Scores    Lap Times by Class   
UTV - 4 Hour
Friday, Aug 16th       

UTV Overall pdf   
UTV Overall html   

UTV Class pdf   
UTV Class html   

UTV Laps pdf   
UTV Laps html   

Youth ATV - 3 Hour
Saturday, Aug 17th    

Youth ATV Overall pdf   
Youth ATV Overall html   

Youth ATV Class pdf   
Youth ATV Class html   

Youth ATV Laps pdf   
Youth ATV Laps html   

ATV - 10 Hour
Saturday, Aug 17th    

ATV Overall pdf   
ATV Overall html   

ATV Class pdf   
ATV Class html   

ATV Laps pdf   
ATV Laps html   

Time Credits and Penalties PDFATV Penalties.pdf
         HTMLATV Penalties.pdf

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