2004 Athens Motorcycle Club
National Reliability Qualifier
for the
International Six Day Enduro

Special thanks to all the volunteers that came out to help our riders qualify.
Everyone, including Event Scoring, volunteered their time to put on this event.

Special thanks to:
Sign Up crew - Julie Conkey and Mike Russell
Cooking - Barbara Skinner, Amy Foster, Bridgette Evener and Bob Hanna
Course Marshall - Kevin Brown
President - Jimmy Barnhart
Other club's volunteers -New Straitsville Enduro Riders (NSER),
                                     Appalachian Dirt Riders (ADR)
                                     Enduro Riders Association (ERA)

Please thank them for putting on such a wonderful event!

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LOI Day 1

Day 1 Overall Results

Day 1 Point Summary by Class

Day 1 Rider Point Detail

Day 1 Event Roster

LOI Day 2

Day 2 Overall Results

Day 2 Point Summary by Class

Day 2 Rider Point Detail

Day 2 Event Roster

LOI 2 Day SERIES Combined Results
LOI 2 Day SERIES Combined Results by Class
LOI 2 Day SERIES Combined Results (plain text)

Saturday District 11 Enduro

Sat Overall Results

Sat Point Summary by Class

Sat Point Detail

Sat Event Roster

Sunday District 11 Enduro

Sun Overall Results

Sun Point Summary by Class

Sun Point Detail

Sun Event Roster

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