2003 Ridge Riders' Bluestone 300
National Reliability Qualifier
for the
International Six Day Enduro

Special thanks to all the volunteers that came out on two rainy muddy days to help our riders qualify. These volunteers included Drew & Chris Smith and their extended family at WER, the Ridge Riders, and the East Coast Enduro Association. Please thank them for putting on such a wonderful event!


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Day 1 Overall Results

Day 1 Class Scores

Day 1 Overall Point Summary

Day 1 Point Summary by Class

Day 1 Rider Point Detail

Day 1 Event Roster
Day 2 Overall Results

Day 2 Class Scores

Day 2 Overall Point Summary

Day 2 Point Summary by Class

Day 2 Rider Point Detail

Day 2 Event Roster
2 Day Combined Results
2 Day Combined Results by Class
2 Day Combined Results (plain text)

Special Tests
Day 1

Day 2

Test 1
Terrain Test 1

Test 1
Terrain Test 1

Test 2
Grass Track 1

Test 2
Grass Track 4

Test 3
Terrain Test 2

Test 3
Terrain Test 3

Test 4
Grass Track 2

Test 5
Grass Track 3

Test 6
Terrain Test 3

Test 7
Terrain Test 4

Test 9
Terrain Test 5


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